Lodge members honoured in the Province

Lovekyn Chantry Lodge members attended a very satisfactory afternoon at Freemasons’ Hall in Great Queen Street in London, when the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey took place. At a well attended and enjoyable event, four members of Lovekyn Chantry Lodge received honours. W Bro Chris Eley was reappointed to the active Rank of Provincial Grand Orator for the fourth year. W Bro Wayne Lucas was appointed Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon and W Bro Roger Tutton was appointed Past Provincial Assistant Grand Superintendent of Works. W Bro Greg White was promoted to Past Provincial Assistant Grand Sword Bearer.

It all took place on a lovely day, and even the rain held off, with Surrey Masons spilling out and into Great Queen Street and filling the local hostelries following a busy afternoon in the Temple.

Congratulations to all.