Federation of School Lodges

Kingston Grammar School is by no means the only school to have its own Lodge, and Lovekyn Chantry Lodge is not the only one of its kind. School Lodges have their own organisation, The Federation of School Lodges, which has at present about 172 Lodges and Chapters among its members.

The Federation was founded in 1949 with the inaugural meeting being hosted by Old Hamptonian Lodge. It was set up in the belief that those Lodges which initially derived most of their membership from old boys and others associated with a school had a character of their own, and therefore had a great deal in common. It had two main objectives: to facilitate contact between school Lodges, enabling members who travel or move away to find other lodges with a similar ethos to their own, and to hold an Annual Festival where members of school Lodges could gather together.

The Annual Festival is an important event for member Lodges, and it has for many years been well supported by members of Lovekyn Chantry Lodge, which joined the Federation in 1955. Each year a different school Lodge hosts the event, and we did it in 1969, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of the School’s Charter from Queen Elizabeth I. Whenever the Festival is away from the London area we have made it a social event for our wives and partners as well as ourselves. Usually we have a weekend away together, and there is a programme of events for the wives while the Brethren hold their formal meeting on the Saturday afternoon.

The Federation has its own website which can be found here.